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Meet the Humans of Fratelli

Unconventional Mavericks Shaping the Digital Frontier – The Story Unveiled

Embark on a thrilling adventure alongside Fratelli’s team of digital warriors. Driven not only by passion, but also by an insatiable thirst for innovation, we are redefining what's possible in the digital realm. Minds unafraid to venture into the unexplored realms of creativity, pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers. We're the oddballs, the trendsetters, the pioneers – the individuals that dare to think differently. We are here to shake things up and leave a mark on the digital world. Join us on this exhilarating journey, and you might discover something revolutionary about yourself, too.

Davide D’Dabramo


Nick Armstead

PPC Executive

Helen Waters

Digital Marketing Manager

Sonia Trevisan

SEO Manager

Matt Thomas

Business Development Manager

Marilin Sepp

Digital Account Manager

Ready for a Glimpse of the Extraordinary? Meet the Thinkers, Innovators, and Dreamers.

Our exceptional team, comprised of diverse, dynamic, and talented individuals. Meet the visionary minds leading the charge in rewriting the rules of the digital landscape. From designers to strategists, coders to content creators, we are a collective melting pot of ideas and expertise driven by a shared mission to innovate. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through creativity and change, where conventional thinking is left behind, making the extraordinary an everyday occurrence. Embark on an extraordinary journey of collaboration and creation with our exceptional team.

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