Google lead form extensions have landed, and depending on your audience, they can help boost your lead generation and get you great results. Advertising on mobile generally didn’t have the same performance and conversions rates with desktop. Fear not though, Google has figured out a way to solve this problem and already it looks promising.

What are Google lead form extensions

Google has announced a new way to collect leads directly from the search engines result page (SERP). Google lead form extensions are simple forms which users can see below your ads and fill in their contact details without visiting your website or any landing pages. They are available only on the mobile search results of Google.

You can enable this option on Google Adwords. When you add Google lead form extensions, add a small call-to-action that is clickable on your ads. When a user clicks on it, they can see your form with the requested boxes. Your ad will look a little bigger than a standard ad, but it has no big difference from other ads and native results.

How do you create Google Lead Form Extensions?

If you have created campaigns on Google Ads in the past, you will be familiar with the majority of the process. Instead using standard options, you can find the lead form extension option on the “Ads & Extensions” tab. When it comes to the design options, you can choose your call to actions and a message up to 30 characters. The available calls to action include:

Next, you can create your lead form. It is the part that the users will see after clicking your call to action. You can add your business name, a headline, and a description up to 200 words. Lastly, you have the option to add a submission message for the users who will fill in their details. You have a choice of a second message or another call to action. The last call to action allows you to add a link to your offer or website or let them continue their search.

Why Lead Form Extensions could be a game changer

Some benefits are clear from the outset – conversions rates on mobile should see an increase because it’s super easy and simple for the user to subscribe and do the requested action.

By reducing the number of actions that are needed from the user, Google lead form extensions streamline the process of query to action and if the user already has an account on Google, it will automatically pre-fill the forms. So, a user must make only two clicks after searching for a keyword to subscribe to your list.

Another benefit is the improved user experience. Users are more likely to feel that they found you on Google instead of getting attacked with offers and popups. No one likes to be sold to, and this way we can start creating a connection with your potential customers with the minimum number of hoops to jump through.

The last major benefit is that you can increase relevancy instantly. It’s up to you to use the right messages and a call to action to get the desired results. Instead of losing on relevancy when they visit your site, the right message on your keywords can generate more leads than before.

Lead Form Extensions can make paid search on mobile a viable channel where it may have previously been too expensive

It solves a real problem for many marketers and businesses. It’s a common issue for businesses to avoid Google Ads on mobile because of low conversions/high cost per conversion, thereby making this channel fail to cost in.

Right now, though, it might be time to reconsider your lead generation strategy.

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