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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most sustainable digital marketing activities your business can invest in, as the work we put into your organic search presence today will provide results for the foreseeable future. 

93% of online experiences start with a search engine interaction, so whether you are a micro bricks and mortar business selling handmade gifts or a multi-national financial services provider, it makes sense to pay attention to how your website performs organically.

Wherever you sit on the scale, Fratelli’s tight-knit team of SEO experts have proven experience of working together with some of the UK’s most exciting brands to help them find new customers through SEO. 

Agency SEO Services – how we do it

Fratelli combines cutting edge SEO practices with a holistic approach to developing your website into a champion asset, ready to rank your brand effectively on the search tables.

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Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords to target on your website based on user intent, monthly search volumes and competitiveness makes up the foundations for a successful SEO project. Our team will work closely with you to ensure we have a bullet-proof strategy in place, right from the get-go.

Technical SEO

Using the latest software and painstaking attention to detail, we investigate every element of your website to identify issues which can reduce search engine visibility and limit its ability to convert visitors into enquiries and sales.

Content Creation

Developing engaging, interesting and unique content is not only a fundamental aspect of increasing your search visibility, it also provides and opportunity to resonate and engage with your prospective and existing customer base. We don’t produce content purely for search engines, we make content people want to consume.

Link Building

Your website can only go so far without quality backlinks from relevant websites to increase the authority of your domain. We use a PR & content led approach to our outreach in order to get your brand featured in the best blogs.


Looking for ways to sustainably increase your online stores profit without spending more on paid ads? Let Fratelli show you how your products can sell more effectively with specialised e-commerce SEO campaigns.

Local SEO

If you are a business servicing a local, targeted area, we can ensure your website leads the local pack to bring in higher customer footfall.

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Interested in getting a glimpse into how Fratelli does SEO? We offer free SEO evaluations to show you how your website is performing now compared to your competitors, and what steps need to be taken to realise your plans for expanding your online reach.

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