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PPC Services

Pay per click/PPC/paid search/sponsored ads (whatever you choose to call it) remains one of the fastest ways to introduce laser focused, relevant traffic to your website. Fratelli are experts in paid media strategy, using our account specialists’ years of experience to get the best results from your precious click-budget.
PPC is largely data driven, especially when it comes to costs. By carefully researching keyword bid costs and using information from your website, we can estimate how well pay click ads will cost in for your business.

PPC platforms we use

Understanding how your customers interact with your business is a crucial part of building a strategy which will meet your goals. By analysing historic data and current trends, Fratelli can devise a plan of action leveraging the most profitable platforms and specialised device campaigns.

Paid Search

Paid search is the ideal solution for websites which don’t rank well organically for core keywords. Improving organic rankings takes time, and whilst every website should have a solid SEO strategy in place, sometimes it is just not fast enough. Paid search on both Google and Bing provides an opportunity for your business to get found for the things you want to get found for almost instantly.

Display ads

Display adverts served across Google’s display network can get your brand in front of an audience consisting of millions of potential customers, for a fraction of the price of off-line display adverts. We run stand-out, hyper targeted campaigns which convert at the lowest possible cost.


Re-engaging individuals who have already interacted with your website is a proven way to boost your conversions. Our teams build sophisticated re-targeting mechanisms which effectively guide users back to your site with only the most relevant ads served across on-brand properties.

Fratelli’s PPC Process

UK’s top PPC managers

Fratelli’s unique business model means we have access to the most talented PPC technical account managers in the UK. Handpicked for each individual client, we make sure the team managing your account have extensive experience in your industry in order to deliver the best rest possible.

Keyword research & formulating a winning strategy

A detailed and thorough investigation of potential keyword ideas and average bid prices is the next step towards launching your PPC campaign. Applying these findings to your products and services helps us understand what return you can expect from your ad-spend, and means we can tailor a campaign to target only the most profitable search terms.

Industry leading PPC account builds

Following our keyword research, we build solid, efficient accounts in accordance with best practises. With some of the best creative minds in the country, our team develops original and inventive ad copy to grab attention and achieve great click-through rates.

Fratelli is always up to date with the latest industry developments, meaning we are always using cutting edge features so you don’t miss a trick.
Tracking is setup and tested to make sure you are always in the loop.

Ongoing optimisation & agency account management

Getting the best out of your PPC account is an ongoing process. Constant a/b testing of new ad copy, bid adjustments, testing experimental audiences and landing page optimisation add up to an ever evolving and improving operation. By combining in-house account management with specialist contractor expertise means you receive agency reporting, accountability, but with the results you could only expect from a niche-expert.

Already have a PPC campaign which you feel is underperforming?

Fratelli offer free PPC health checks to show you where you might be going wrong, and how you could take your campaigns to the next level.

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