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Content and Digital PR

These days, if you aren’t publishing original and creative digital content, there’s only so far your marketing efforts can go. Worse still, if you are making earth-shattering media online and nobody is seeing it, then all that effort is going to waste.

Even with the most sophisticated audience selection, keyword research or link building strategy, without a first-class digital content and PR strategy you’ll be going off half-cocked. And nobody wants that.

Fortunately, Fratelli has access to the largest network of UK based content specialists, so you can be sure that industry leading content will be driving your brand’s messaging home in all the right places online.

Content we produce

Telling your story in a way which appeals to your customers is something which requires careful consideration, experience, and a personal connection. Fratelli builds specialised marketing teams around your brand. This means we assign contractors to your project based on their experience of working in your industry, and who we feel will best fit in with your working style and corporate values.

Blog Content

A staple of any serious website, quality blog content increases search exposure, establishes industry authority and builds brand awareness. By using only seasoned, professional writers, Fratelli produces articles people want to read.

Website Copy

Getting your website copy on point is crucial for ranking for the best keywords and converting traffic into customers when they land on your site. Carefully planned pages created in sync with your SEO strategy turn your website into a lead-generation powerhouse.

Case studies

Nothing gives potential customers more reassurance than real-life stories. We create beautifully presented case studies to help your business showcase its best work.

Infographics & Asset Creation

Sometimes nothing beats a visual representation of what you want to convey. Infographics and other visual content can bring statistical breakdowns to life and make stand out display ads which break away from the templated humdrum standard.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In which case, a series of rapidly moving images say exponentially more. Instantly capture your audience’s attention with professionally made animations and explainer videos and condense what might take several hundred words of ad copy into just a few seconds.

Effective and Quantitative Digital PR

Quite simply, effective digital PR ensures your brand’s online visibility is maximised to spread your message far and wide. Knowing who to approach to how to get in front of them is key, so Fratelli uses only expert contractors with the best contacts to plunge your business into the online-media fold.

Influencer Outreach

Guest Blogging


Social Media Campaigns

Editorial Placements

Unlike traditional offline PR, digital means results can be tracked, so whether you are interested in brand mentions, high quality backlinks or referral traffic, you can benchmark and monitor results from month to month.

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Kerry, Marketing Manager

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