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Amazon Marketing

If you sell your products online, it makes sense to take advantage of the world’s largest online marketplace – Amazon. No matter what you think about the global giant, its effective reach into practically every household makes it an attractive platform to partner up with.

Amazon PPC experts

Amazon’s ‘sponsored products’ gives sellers the opportunity to position their products in front of the right people, at the right time. Unlike organic traffic, which can take time to accumulate, PPC traffic can be switched on when you need it.

As with all pay per click advertising copy, setup, targeting, and hands-on management are paramount for a successful outcome.

Specialist marketing teams

We don’t do generic, one-size-fits-all campaigns. That’s not the Fratelli way. 

Thanks to our unique business model, we build bespoke, expert teams of Amazon PPC specialists handpicked because of their experience working in your industry. This means far less trial and error, and the best possible return on your advertising spend.


Amazon ads process

Understand your products & evaluating listings

Understanding your product range inside out is a clear first step towards creating your promotions. Any existing listings are evaluated, and new listings are created to be optimised for conversion. Ad copy is just as important here as it would be on any other platform. Our specialists will use exceptional and creative copywriting techniques to make your product stand out in a very large crowd.

Have an existing Amazon ads campaigns? 

Using pre-existing real-world data from your historical campaigns is a great way to get ahead of the game. By going into forensic levels of detail, we use a combination of software and manual analysis to eek every last drop of performance out of your future click spend.

Crafting a winning strategy

Our team of contractors and in-house account managers will study market trends and extensive keyword research to formulate a rock-solid plan of action. Identifying an achievable and profitable cost per acquisition is key to the entire project. From here we put forward monthly targets and required actions which will achieve your overall sales goals.

Project execution

With a signed off strategy, your designated specialist will re-structure any existing ads and build out new campaigns within a pre-defined timeframe.

Ongoing Optimisation

Once your campaign is up and running, our team of Amazon PPC specialists will work to continually optimise the account by using fresh keyword combinations, split testing ad copy and managing product listings. 

Responsive, ongoing account management

As you’d expect from a full-service digital marketing agency, you’ll receive first class account management and reporting from an in-house account manager. We are always available to answer any questions and give you an update on how the account is running.

Accountability is everything - Fratelli ensures you are in safe hands.

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“Fratelli were not only able to understand & satisfy our brief much earlier than expected but went beyond expectation helping us open up new profitable marketing channels, introduce innovative techniques, up-skill our in-house staff & ultimately helping us drive significant growth for the business. We deem them an integral part of our marketing function.”

Kerry, Marketing Manager

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