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True Decadence

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True Decadence? More Like True Potential Unleashed!

True Decadence had a vision, all right. A vision that screamed potential, style, and success. But their dreams were held hostage by other digital marketing agencies that just couldn’t crack the code.

Elevated women’s occasion wear? They had it. Demand? You bet. But they weren’t about to settle. No, True Decadence wanted more, and they wanted it fast. Enter us, with a maverick mindset and our fearless CEO, Davide Dabramo, ready to bring the thunder.

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Actions Taken

Hold Onto Your Hats, We're Turning Up the Heat

PPC strategies? We were all over Google Shopping, Facebook, Insta, and everywhere else those ready-to-buy customers were lurking. We weren't just after growth; we were out for conquest.

We played with data like maestros, each strategy a symphony sharper than the last. Ready-to-buy customers were flooding in, and we had an email marketing strategy that kept them coming back for more.

Davide, wasn't just there for show; he was side by side with the senior team & owner at TD, injecting those fresh ideas and steering the brand towards glory.

Results Delivered:Not Just a Win, A Revolution

Three months was all it took to pull off a 14:1 ROAS that left jaws on the floor.

We didn't just prove to be True Decadence's perfect match; we became a symbol of their renaissance. They were far more than a part of the Fratelli pack.

And hey, we're not riding off into the sunset just yet. We're here for ongoing consultancy. The party's just getting started.

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The Bottom Line: True Decadence & Us - A Dance Like No Other

Our partnership is more than a business deal; it's a celebration of vision, innovation, and that maverick spirit that never backs down. With us in their corner, with Davide's hands-on involvement, True Decadence isn't just another brand; they're a revolution, a beacon of what's possible when you're not afraid to break the rules.