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Lift Glucose

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A Formidable Challenge to Rival Established Brands

Lift Glucose was known for being ambitious, and they were seeking a marketing company with the same determination and drive. They had a clear aim: to compete with well-established household brands in the glucose tablet industry. This wasn’t just about growth; it was about making a significant impact.

They discovered that we were the perfect partner for them, someone who understood and shared their goals, abundantly energetic, coming up with new, innovative ideas. We weren’t just open to taking on the challenge, we were genuinely excited about joining them on this adventure.

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Actions Taken

A Strategic and Methodical Approach

After analysing the competition and the stronghold that household names had on the market, we knew that a focused approach was needed. SEO became our key tool, forming the core of a sustainable, scalable commercial strategy.
We targeted high-ranking SERP features, such as rich snippets, local SEO, and interactive content. By doing so, we aimed to capture a wider audience and position Lift Glucose prominently against well-established competitors. Ensuring they are a household name.
A significant part of our approach was to accelerate distribution via renowned retail channels like Lloyds Pharmacy, Boots, and Amazon. These platforms became instrumental in promoting Lift Glucose's benefits. On and off-page SEO, digital PR, content, and technical SEO all played a crucial role in our meticulously crafted strategy.

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Results Delivered: Triumph in a Competitive Landscape
Lift Glucose's monthly organic visitors grew by 354% within a year, an outstanding achievement that helped them carve a space among industry giants.
But we didn't stop there. Our sales referral targets to Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy, and Amazon were not only met but exceeded, reaching 162% of the initial goals.
Lift Glucose was now more than a brand; it was a formidable player featured on authority websites globally. Organic search turned into a vital marketing channel, establishing Lift Glucose as a professional and competitive presence in the industry.
This success story is a testament to what can be achieved with strategic planning, clear objectives, and collaboration. By understanding the market and employing a targeted approach, we helped Lift Glucose to not only compete with household names but to thrive among them.