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Hard Lines

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Brewing a New Digital Era for Hardlines Coffee

Hardlines Coffee: A Digital Revolution in Direct-to-Consumer Strategy

Hardlines Coffee, a leader in the coffee shop and wholesale market, partnered with us to expand into the digital realm. Our collaboration over the last 18 months was aimed at revolutionizing their direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategy through sophisticated audience analysis and tailored digital marketing campaigns.

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The Challenge: Crafting a Digital Identity Across Multiple Platforms

Hardlines Coffee's journey from a successful brick-and-mortar business to a digital powerhouse was filled with unique challenges. The task at hand was not just to establish a digital presence but to create a resonant digital identity across various platforms, appealing to a diverse online audience.

Strategising Across Platforms: Meta Ads and Google Search/Shopping for a 33% Increase in Engagement

Our strategy involved a comprehensive approach across key digital platforms. We leveraged Meta Ads for their wide-reaching and dynamic audience targeting capabilities. Simultaneously, we utilised Google Search and Google Shopping campaigns to capture the intent-driven audience. This multi-platform approach led to a significant 33% increase in campaign engagement.

Revolutionising Subscriptions: Leveraging Re-marketing for a 12x Increase

To boost Hardlines Coffee’s subscription model, we employed targeted re-marketing strategies. By reconnecting with visitors who had previously interacted with Hardlines Coffee’s digital properties, we effectively increased subscriptions by over 12 times. This approach ensured that interested customers were continually engaged and encouraged to subscribe.

Consultancy-Driven Insights: Achieving Over 70% Reduction in CPA

Our consultancy role was pivotal in developing a data-driven strategy. By analysing customer behaviour and market trends, we implemented efficiency improvements across all campaigns, significantly reducing the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by over 70%. This consultancy approach provided a deeper understanding of the digital landscape, facilitating informed decision-making.

The Outcome: Sustainable Growth and Expanding Digital Footprint

Through our targeted efforts across Meta Ads, Google Search/Shopping, and remarketing, coupled with strategic consultancy, Hardlines Coffee experienced unprecedented growth. This translated into month-on-month increases in revenue and a solidified presence in the D2C market.

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