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The Crusade

The Leap from Five to Six Figures in Direct-to-Consumer Profitability

Flowerbe had the innovation—unique floral gifts that effortlessly slide through your letterbox—but the struggle was real. Tied to marketplaces like Etsy and NOTHS, they were bogged down by staggering commissions. They needed to go direct-to-consumer, and they needed to do it now.

Facing disenchantment with previous agencies, Flowerbe gave us their last shot before going entirely in-house. The adrenaline was real. We took this final opportunity not just as a challenge but as an electrifying frontier in direct-to-consumer strategies.

The Masterstroke: PPC Wizardry and Consultancy, Elevated

Focused on PPC, our strategy was as precise as a laser beam—Google Shopping, targeted search, and meticulous retargeting. We were no mere external agency; we were the strategic arm of Flowerbe, mobilized and fully integrated for jaw-dropping outcomes.

The Metrics: Landmarks in a Journey to Industry Dominance

Sit tight; these are the numbers that will make your head spin. The ROAS didn’t just improve; it exploded to a remarkable 6+. The average order value? A climb of 22%. And prepare for this: within an astonishing six months, Flowerbe catapulted from a 5-figure business to a 6-figure titan. These metrics are not merely stats; they are the epitaphs on our monument to success.

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Strategic Collaboration

Beyond Consultancy to Visionary Execution

This was no mere boardroom meeting affair; this was a marriage of visionary minds and unparalleled expertise. We provided not just consultation but transformative strategies that shattered the mold and redefined the game

Unyielding Commitment: A Partnership Etched in Profit

From what was to be their last agency gamble, our collaboration has evolved into a committed partnership, now three years strong and surging with no end in sight. This isn't contractual—it's a synergy of shared visions and relentless pursuit of excellence

Conclusion: The Panacea for the Marketplace Fee Epidemic

Imagine a brain trust where ideas don't just grow; they explode into groundbreaking solutions. That was our collaboration with Brushworks. Our synergies transcended regular teamwork, creating a dynamic environment where innovation wasn’t just welcome; it was the rule.

Consultancy: A Blueprint for Unmatched Success

Let’s get real: marketplace commissions can erode your profits to an unsustainable level. Brands like Flowerbe needed a pathway to greater profitability, and we were the jet fuel in their rocket to direct-to-consumer stardom.

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A Saga That Defies the Norm

Flowerbe's story isn't just a case study; it's a triumph over the barriers of marketplace dependency, a narrative of rebirth, and a monument to what's possible in today's ruthless e-commerce landscape. We didn't just save a business; we created an industry frontrunner—a 6-figure sensation in less than six months. And the growth? It's not a chapter; it's an ongoing epic.