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Bob & Lush

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The odyssey

Catalysing an Acquisition-Ready Pet Food Revolution

Bob & Lush was not just another pet food company; they were revolutionaries in the field of healthy meal prep for dogs. However, they were at a critical junction. The goal was no less than an acquisition by the renowned Paws Group, now called Pet Supermarket. To reach that pivotal milestone, they needed to scale—fast and efficiently.

Enter our agency, and cue the adrenaline. We knew that succeeding in this project meant that we’d be parting ways with Bob & Lush post-acquisition. But that’s what made it exciting. The thrill of the hunt was on, and we were locked and loaded to meet, and exceed, board expectations.

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The Tactical Masterplan

Paid Social, Paid Search, UX, and Consultancy

We deployed a multi-faceted strategy with nuclear precision, encompassing Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram), Paid Search (Google, Bing), and tactical remarketing. However, this wasn't just about running ads; it was about crafting an unparalleled user experience and offering groundbreaking consultancy to scale with intent.

The Metrics: The Stratospheric KPIs That Sealed The Deal

Within a dizzying 9 months, we ramped up Bob & Lush's subscription volume by a staggering 573%. We didn't stop at growth; we also tackled the bane of subscription models—decay rate—bringing it down from 22% to a far more manageable 17%.

A Symphony of Consultancy and Execution: Becoming Their Strategic Conductor

We didn't just offer advice; we orchestrated a tactical symphony that was music to the board's ears. We meticulously crafted strategies for maximizing subscription loyalty and reducing Customer Acquisition Cost (CPA), turning them from buzzwords into actionable KPIs.

Consultancy: A Blueprint for Unmatched Success

Our advisory role transcended common consultancy; it was a strategic masterclass tailored for eco-conscious fashion. Drawing from our deep well of experience in fashion and retail, we transformed abstract ideas into a concrete plan of action, punctuated by data-driven milestones.

The Pinnacle: From Independent Brand to Pet Supermarket Acquisition

Our performance didn't just turn heads; it paved the way for Bob & Lush's acquisition by the Paws Group, transforming them into a subsidiary of Pet Supermarket. Though our partnership was designed to be finite, the acquisition marked an unforgettable milestone—a resounding success in every KPI, and a proud chapter in our portfolio.

Unintended but Welcome Outcomes: A Proud Exit and Lasting Legacy

In a twist of fate, our success led to the end of our direct involvement with Bob & Lush. Yet, we couldn't be more thrilled. Being instrumental in orchestrating a brand's acquisition is the sort of fulfilling finale that most agencies can only dream of.

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Final Words: A Case Study for the Annals of Marketing History

Bob & Lush's acquisition journey is more than just a successful case study; it's an epic narrative that will serve as a masterclass for anyone looking to scale quickly for an acquisition. While our collaboration may have concluded, its impact reverberates through the industry as a groundbreaking formula for growth and acquisition-readiness.

In essence, Bob & Lush's triumphant story tells the tale of what true marketing brilliance can achieve. It's not just about scaling a brand; it's about elevating it to such staggering heights that it becomes irresistible to industry giants. We set the stage for Bob & Lush's acquisition, and the curtains closed on a standing ovation. Their legacy continues, and so does ours.