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A Pursuit for Excellence in a Highly Competitive Landscape

Balance Activ, a budding start-up health brand for women, was more than ready to face off against global-leading competitors. They had the ambition, the potential, and the readiness. What they needed was a specialist digital marketing agency with a blend of ambition, experience, and the precise skill set to take them to new heights.

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Actions Taken

A Well-Crafted Strategy for Market Domination

With a comprehensive analysis of the existing data, we discerned that SEO was the ideal avenue for a potent start-up strategy. We needed a plan that would pack a punch.

We sculpted a bold and targeted keyword strategy, designed to place Balance Activ high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) for the most profitable searches. Our aim was nothing short of dominance in the market space.

We refined our off and on-page SEO strategies, effectively amplifying Balance Activ's benefits wherever we identified substantial volumes of ready-to-buy customers.

Our multifaceted campaign included guest blogging, expertly crafted technical SEO writing, and an aggressive digital PR campaign. We wanted to tap into the exact search queries that would bring prospective customers right to Balance Activ's doorstep.

When those ready-to-buy customers arrived, we ensured a seamless experience that not only encouraged an initial purchase but also fostered brand loyalty, compelling them to return time and time again.

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Results Delivered: A Triumph of Strategy and Execution

Our approach was both solid and daring, continually driven by well-informed data. The results? A remarkable 23% year-on-year growth for Balance Activ, transforming them into the UK's number one feminine hygiene brand.

But we didn't stop at growth. Today, Balance Activ has solidified its presence across the UK's top retailers, standing tall as a testament to strategic marketing, relentless pursuit of excellence, and a partnership that thrived on innovation and ambition.

Balance Activ's ascent to the top is a shining example of how with the right approach, even the loftiest goals can be achieved.