The Problem

A bit of this, a bit of that wasn’t what Glamorous were looking for. They’d put too much heart and soul into their business to see it underperform with previous agencies.

It wasn’t about dabbling – there was no time for that. Online sales for women’s fashion were bigger than ever and Glamorous wanted in.

When you’ve got enough experience under your belt, you can cut to the chase and execute strategies guaranteed to work.

And that’s what we did.

A concrete marketing strategy was the way to go.


Actions Taken

Getting straight to work we cut through the junk to straighten out paid social and paid search so they functioned as the thriving, profitable, dynamic advertising channels they should be.

Maximising promotions, we ensured sophisticated revenue tracking and deep dive analytics were ready to capture the behaviours of the ready to buy customers now flooding to the website through multiple avenues.

Using newly captured and historical data we constantly sharpened promotional strategies so results increased each time.

From paid social accounts to Google shopping campaigns, every drop of energy was spent on marketing informed by rich data and proven niche-appropriate approaches guaranteed to work.


Results delivered

Accuracy in execution meant Glamorous reaped a 7:1 return on investment on advertising within just 3 months. Needless to say, Glam are a high-performing channel with stable growth that’s seen them scale to an amazing 6-figure revenue.

The stuff of dreams that means they’re a firm part of the Fratelli tribe.

Come join us.