The Problem

Etsy and Not On The High Street had served their purpose.

Flower Be were ready to grow.

Other digital marketing agencies weren’t serving up the fire necessary to take Flower Be to the next level.

Then they found us.

Amping things up straight away, we crunched the data then got to work.


Actions Taken

Putting a strategy together to set their website alight, we implemented PPC, SEO and Paid Social strategies to drive ready to buy customers to their letterbox flower’s website via a range of channels.

Wading through the data ourselves, we tore apart the old campaigns and rebuilt them from scratch with the commercial focus, industry experience told us Flower Be was crying out for.

With campaigns able to scale, limitations were lifted from profits and operations.

Flower Be was next-level  - as it should be


Results delivered

With the reins finally off, Flower Be’s growth was exponential. In fact, the shareholder’s report called us Flower Be's ‘saviours’ and a ‘leading force for their journey’.

We like that.

Come join us.