Best 4 Warranty

The Problem

Lift Glucose were audacious and they wanted a digital marketing company with the same drive.

When they finally found us, they were home.

Brazen, we were up for it. The it was to go head to head with the global giants of the glucose tablet industry.

Identify opportunities to expand and deliver highly profitable strategies?

Hell yea! We couldn’t wait to get started.

Actions Taken

After crunching the data and getting to know the team, SEO was the way to go for a sustainable, scalable commercial strategy guaranteed to deliver.

We put in place an ambitious plan to rank high in SERP, accompanied by watertight on and off-page SEO.

On top of that we used PPC, blogging, guest blogging and more to harness the opportunity to promote the benefits of the brand through multiple channels where we knew large quantities of ready to buy customers could be found.


Results delivered

Our fearless and precise approach delivered (of course!). Lift Glucose saw its monthly organic visitors grow from 0 to 2000 within 6 months. With Lift featured on authority websites worldwide, organic search quickly became its most profitable marketing channel.