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Fratelli are proud to offer one of the industry’s most extensive free digital marketing reports. Struggling to get more visitors to your site, or want to find out how you could scale your business online?

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What makes our report so special?

It’s true, there are several tools available which can help your analyse your site’s performance, however there isn’t one which gives you a truly comprehensive report combined with human consultation leverage with multiple pieces of paid software and years of field experience.


What do we cover?

Technical SEO error checking and opportunities

Get a complete list of issues which are hindering your site from achieving the top spot on Google.

Paid ad campaign audits

Find out if you could get more sales from your paid search, display and social campaigns, and how you can use advanced targeting options to reach your key audiences.

Website performance

Site speed doesn’t just impact UX – it directly influences how well your site can rank in search engines and well you convert traffic to leads and sales.

Backlinks and online reputation

The strength of your backlink profile will determine how powerful a presence you can be online. Audit who links to, track your domain score and find out how you can improve your overall traffic metrics.

Keyword analysis

Understand what terms your website ranks for and where you are in the search results. Find out which pages you need to optimise to increase your search visibility.

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