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From time to time most ad platforms offer incentives to get new businesses started with their digital advertising, if you’re just starting or setup fairly recently, here’s how each platform is helping during the Covid outbreak.

Paid search ads are easier to target to the right audience, track accurately and analyse results. You can even forecast a workable ROI using statistical data. 

With a variety of platforms offering a wide array of targeting opportunities, it can be really easy to get in front of your target audience.

Coupon codes tend to work on new accounts only, but if you have discovered that traditional marketing isn’t working as well as it used to and thinking of heading down the digital route, these can be useful to get the ball rolling.

Google ads almost always have coupon codes / matched spend available. At present there is £120 matched first spend, we’ve also managed to find a free £75 coupon if you prefer that:

£75 coupon – just sign up for your Google Ads account here:

Due to the Covid 19 outbreak, Google are also offering credits to small businesses that have been advertising since the beginning of 2019, so if you fall into this category keep an eye out on your notifications because they will be contacting you:

Linkedin can be extremely good for targeting B2B customers and has a unique set of targeting options available. We, however have been most impressed with the relatively low cost of in-mail campaigns we’ve been getting from the platform. Whatever you use it for, here’s a link for £100 in free ad credits:

Microsoft Advertising (also known as Bing Ads) also places ads across the Yahoo network. When expanding campaigns across different platforms we often find some hidden gems here, the clicks can be a great deal cheaper due to less competition, unfortunately this also means there isn’t quite the same level of audience available as other platforms. 

At the moment you can get £100 in search advertising when you spend £20 with Microsoft Advertising:

Facebook Ads frequently hand out voucher codes so you’ll have to keep an eye out for them, a quick google might find you an unused one if you’re prepared to look hard enough.

For small businesses during the Covid outbreak they have put together a grant support programme which can be viewed here:

Amazon Product Ads allow you to advertise your products alongside others when users perform relevant searches, typically the audiences here are in a good mindset for making purchases, this is a shopping platform after all! At the moment they are offering £20 free ad credit:

To summarise, the above offers are great and will get your journey started, the real wins will be how you progress your campaigns and turn website traffic into leads.

Feel free to get in touch for any other help or advice.

Please note, these offers do change frequently and are all accurate at the time, we always apply any relevant offers to builds we do for clients where possible, so reach out to us if you want any updates.

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