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Marketing April 17, 2024

5 Tips for Ecommerce Brands

Since the pandemic hit, increasing numbers of businesses have migrated online. While this is good news for customers looking for low prices and a huge variety of choice, competition amongst online retailers has increased rapidly over the past three years. Whether you’ve recently launched an online store or you’re a veteran to the world of ecommerce, here are five tips to help you to develop a strong online presence for your brand. 

Observe Analytics Data

Google Analytics data is one of the best ways to harvest information about your customers and gain insights into how to serve them better. Taking advantage of this platform is an essential step for assessing what your customer’s interests are, corelating sales data with website usage, and analysing the success of your marketing campaigns. A small insight, such as what devices your customers are using, could create a domino effect on your marketing strategy or give you a fresh perspective on what products you should be developing next. Setting up Google Analytics is fool proof method if you want a better grasp a better understanding of how to cater directly to your audience.

Understand Competitive Landscape

To stay at the cutting edge of your field, its essential for you to get an appreciation of where you stand next to your direct competitors. Limiting yourself to occasionally to checking on your competitor’s social media accounts won’t cut it – you need to be strategic with your approach. This includes carrying out in-depth research into your direct competitors, identifying their key engagement channels, and developing an understanding of your company’s unique competitive advantage.

Share Your Story

Without the presence of a physical store, how will you create a blanket impression on your customers? Once your business has migrated exclusively online, the customer has the freedom to navigate your website within a matter of seconds. Attention spans are decreasing rapidly. Your site needs to create an impact, and to be successful, your brand should connect with your visitors on several different levels. A brand is much more than a flashy landing page, a nice-looking logo, catchphrase, or a colour scheme. A brand is the experience your audience has at every point of engagement.

Embedded in your brand’s DNA is your story. This is an opportunity to share what drives you with your audience. Your story, and the resulting character that shines through, allows you to engage with potential customers in an organic, mutually beneficial basis. As a short-term strategy, establishing a sense of character allows you to cut through the noise of your competition. In the long-run, sharing your story facilitates the growth of community – i.e., dedicated followers who will associate your organisation with much more than purchasing a specific product or service.

Experiment With Different Channels

Testing out new marketing channels is an essential part of growing your online presence. Unfortunately, there’s no tried and tested method for matching the right marketing channel with a given product or service. However, based on your budget, the maturity of your ventures and your available resources, it’s possible to get a realistic idea of how to get a high ROI using the most suitable channel for you. A good place to start is to define your goals and decide how you will measure your progress.

To Summarise

The landscape of digital marketing is constantly shifting, making it a difficult world to navigate. Especially for Ecommerce brands that live exclusively online, developing an effective marketing plan is a necessity. These five tips were designed to give you an idea of how to approach developing a marketing strategy from the ground up. If you’re not quite ready to go it alone, there are plenty of opportunities to seek advice from industry experts. It’s always helpful to have your situation reviewed by a team of experienced marketing strategists. Feel free to get in touch to find out how your Ecommerce brand can cut through the noise of your competition.