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Who we are and how we work

In case you are wondering, Fratelli is the Italian word for brothers, the inspiration for this marketing agency style came from our founders 2 little boys (1 & 3) who although ‘Davide’ confesses can be more than challenging at times they also brought him absolute clarity in how he wanted to approach his business. He saw that 2 completely different personas and styles could work together to create something really strong (in their case a Lego ship..)

Fratelli was born to disrupt the traditional marketing agency model forever, being the UK's 1st to bridge the gap between agency and contractor as a unique integrated model.

The business model allows us to create bespoke teams of genuine industry experts around any given client project under our umbrella of account management, project management & consultancy. The bi-product of our model means we can source and bring experts around the UK into local projects, individuals that would usually miss out on this opportunity based on location even though they'd be the ideal candidate!

We're particularly proud of leading a movement to better, more fluid marketing offerings for the UK and look forward to enabling businesses like yours getting the right people for the job.

Wondering how it works?

  1. Contact Fratelli
  2. We take time to understand your business, objectives & craft a marketing strategy
  3. We build a bespoke team of UK specialists to fulfil your goals under our strategy & management
  4. Fratelli provide all the account management you could wish for so that you're in safe hands
  5. You get all the Pro's of an Agency & Contractors under one roof and more importantly the results!

Still confused? We like talking about our business so feel free to say hello and we'll happily answer any questions you might have for us!




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