About Us


How We Began

The Two Brothers

Our agency was kickstarted by our two founders (aged 1 and 3). Unknown to them, these two boys had laid the foundations for what was to become ‘Fratelli’ – meaning ‘brothers’ in Italian.

The Lego Ship

The idea of how the two brother’s completely different personas could work together to create something really strong (in their case, a Lego ship), was a great example of what we strive to be


Who We Are

The Family Vibe

We aim to focus on one over arching concept – to build our business on the same foundations as you would build a family. We bring our staff, and our clients together with mutual trust, respect, communication and loyalty.

The Team

From ancient history geeks to gadget freaks, surfing enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs, we all bring something unique to the bunch! We are an open-minded and funloving team who are passionate about our own hobbies, whilst also sharing the passion for digital marketing as well.

Where we've come from

Where We’ve Come From

Not Just Marketeers

Collectively we bring a variety of amazing backgrounds into the fold from commercial
management, sales, customer service and more, this enables us to take wider considerations when we work with you and make our recommendations

The Skills

We are ordinary people, with extra-ordinary skill sets in all things Digital Marketing. what has taken us years to perfect through trial and error & gallons of coffee powered evenings you get to access overnight!
Our aim is simply to grow through the success of others.

What we do

What We Do

Digital Marketing

Our coffee powered squad have aspired to be the best at what they do. In our case it’s Digital Marketing, whether it’s generating online revenue for you brand warriors or creating super exposure for your new start-up we have all the determination, skill & account management you need to grow your business using digital marketing (and sometimes a few little surprises along the way).

The Results

Whilst hitting targets is at the heart of what we do, we focus on building relationships that last. Results driven, people first.

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