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Marketing October 4, 2022

2022’s Must Haves For Ecommerce

Visual All-In-One Shopping Experiences

When competition wasn’t as rampant and retailers weren’t fighting tooth and nail for customer’s attention, it was acceptable for merchants to upload products to their websites accompanied by non-descript images and minimal copy. With a sharp increase in competition thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, online retail outlets have slowly but surely begun to fill the boots of physical stores. What does this mean for Ecommerce brands? Put simply, it means that its time for online retailers to start thinking about their websites from every angle. Online shoppers are looking for a variety of ways to interact with your website. Engaging videos, user-generated content, 360-degree images: these are all mediums referred to as ‘Visual Commerce’. Don’t feel bogged down by the prospect of revamping your website overnight. We recommend making tackling each touchpoint incrementally.

User-Generated Reviews

Whether visiting your site or browsing through Google, potential customers are keen to get an understanding of recent experiences with your products. That’s because a coherent, thorough review is a highly trustworthy source of information. Therefore, a collection of positive customer reviews will dramatically increase the likelihood of new customers purchasing from your inventory. On top of that, customer reviews work wonders for your SEO ranking with Google, as they increase the amount of text on your pages. If you’re looking for a guaranteed trust-building exercise, implementing user-generated reviews onto your website is a seamless way to get started.

Related Items

Interested in increasing your average order value or conversion rate? Adding a related items feature to your website catalogue could be the answer. A relatively simple feature that packs a big punch, businesses who invest in this technique often see an increase in sales figures. It’s a personalized touch that makes your customers feel like their unique preferences are being catered for, and it’s quickly becoming an industry standard. If you’re seriously considering how to up your online game, bringing personalized features to the table is a great starting point. Added to high-quality imagery, excellent product copy and a strong sense of brand character, you’ll be well on your way to creating an exceptional shopping experience that appeals to your customers on an emotional basis.

Detailed Shipping Information

While it’s tempting to leave shipping information descriptions to a few non-descript lines, adding detailed information could be seen as another opportunity to build an instant sense of trust with your website visitors. In the world of Ecommerce, trust is another word for conversions. Getting into the nitty gritty details demonstrates your dedication, as well as a sense of consistently high standards. You might also want to give your customers the autonomy to adjust their packaging options – bonus points for creating an added sense of personalization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing time into developing a polished-off FAQs page is another effective way to turn browsers into buyers. This is where potential customers turn to for answers to recurrent questions. Not only will this simple addition to your site instil trust and save up time answering repetitive questions, it’s also an added way to improve your SEO ranking. Subjects to include in your FAQs section include information on your return and shipping policies, payment detail security or facts about your product development